The Benefits of Loft Conversions in Bungalows

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Published: 11th November 2010
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Living in a bungalow can have many advantages, but what are your options if an increase in family size, the need to work at home, or some other lifestyle change means that your previously comfortable home suddenly seems too small and cramped?

Because a bungalow already occupies a larger area than a two-storey house with the same number of rooms, adding an extension to provide more accommodation is not always possible. And even if you do have space for an extension, and are prepared to sacrifice part of your garden for it, you will only be allowed to build a single storey.

An easier solution for many owners is to convert the loft of their bungalow. A professional bungalow loft conversion is a cost-effective way of turning what is usually wasted roof space into attractive and very useful extra rooms. Exactly how you use the new rooms in your loft will, of course, depend on your own particular needs.

First time buyers

A compact bungalow can be an ideal starter home for a single person or young couple. Perhaps you only intended staying in it for a few years until you could afford to move to a bigger property. But what if you’ve fallen in love with your little home, the neighbours are now your friends, and the location is perfect for your work? Do you really want all the expense and upheaval of starting again somewhere else?

A bungalow loft conversion could give you a new en suite master bedroom and allow you to turn your ground floor bedroom into a dining room or separate study. There might even be room for a nursery….

Growing families

Babies don’t stay little for long! They quickly grow into toddlers, schoolchildren, and then teenagers. Siblings can share a bedroom when they are small but as they get older they’ll want separate rooms. And where will they play or find a quiet place to do homework? Busy parents also need occasional time on their own, but that can be impossible in a bungalow that’s bursting at the seams!

A loft conversion, designed to make best use of all the available space, could be used for extra bedrooms plus a shower room or second bathroom to make mornings less hectic. If some or all of the bedrooms are moved upstairs you’ll have more living space downstairs, perhaps including a playroom, computer room or home office.

Older couples

Many people downsize when their children leave home, and bungalows are a popular choice for anyone wanting a smaller home. Unfortunately, unexpected events can disrupt plans for a peaceful retirement. Grown-up children might need to return to the nest. Or perhaps your own parents need help and you want to invite them to live with you. A bungalow conversion can give you the extra rooms and facilities you need, quickly and with minimum disruption.

If you have a bungalow with an empty loft, converting it into living space will not only enhance your home for your own benefit but it will also increase its value should you decide to move in the future. Ask a specialist loft conversion company that is experienced in working on all types of bungalow conversions how much extra room they could open up for you. The answer could be a very pleasant surprise!

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